MrBeast and JackSepticEye Are Speaking Out

Let’s face it, YouTube has a growing problem. As of late, it feels like almost every video on the platform is plagued with spammers and scammers. For the top creators, this problem is always on display. On May 9th, 2022, MrBeast and JackSepticEye are speaking out against YouTube after one incident that affected the two.

“What exactly happened?”,  you may wonder. The problem started when JackSepticEye discovered that spammers using MrBeast’s logo were leaving hateful comments regarding his father (who recently passed away).  In response to this, MrBeast spoke up on the matter, “I hate that my logo is used in this. I dream of the day that the YouTube comment section isn’t just literal trash”, he said.  Additionally, In response to Beast, Jack shared, “not your fault man. Maybe one day comments will be worth reading again”.

In recent, many top creators have created their own videos speaking out against YouTube’s poor comment system in hopes the platform does something. As of now, YouTube has not done much in response to the growing issue. It is hard to tell if YouTube ever will, given the fact that the issue has plagued the platform for years.  For now, it seems the comment section will continue to be plagued by spammers, scammers, and trolls.