MrBeast calls out record labels

MrBeast calls out record labels in a recent tweet, bringing up the long-lasting issue of copyright strikes on YouTube.

In the tweet, MrBeast proposes a solution to the problem. He urges major record labels to allow YouTubers to use their artists’ music in videos rather than filing copyright strikes. In return, YouTubers would all “rally” together and get the labels “billions of impressions” for not being… well, mean to them.

MrBeast also reacted to a user who claimed to have nearly lost their Twitter account for sharing a Foo Fighters advertisement, sarcastically poking fun at the backhanded logic.

Other YouTubers and Their Thoughts

Most YouTubers agree with MrBeast’s stance that record labels should allow them to use their artists’ music in videos. One of those YouTubers is KSI, who, in 2019, gave other content creators the go-ahead to use his music in their videos as they please.

Jake Paul commended KSI for this at the time, vowing to do the same with his music. KSI gave a memorable response to his rival.

NBA YoungBoy Speaks Out Against YouTubers

However, the rapper NBA YoungBoy holds a different opinion on the matter. In a now-deleted Instagram post, he calls on his label, Atlantic Records, to “ban” his music from “all YouTubers.” It is unclear what exactly prompted the post, though it does not seem like it was provoked by MrBeast’s tweet.

MrBeast calls out record labels

What Effects Do Copyright Strikes Have on YouTube?

A copyright strike is issued to a creator if their video contains something that they do not own the rights to. Copyright strikes disable monetization and videos that receive copyright strikes are subject to removal by the rights holders. YouTube only allows three copyright strikes on a channel before terminating it. For these reasons, many YouTubers avoid using copyrighted music in their videos altogether. However, change is clearly desired by MrBeast and others.

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