MrBeast via Instagram

MrBeast is one of the most successful YouTubers in the world. On his main channel alone, he has more than 90 million subscribers. MrBeast uses all this success and views to disseminate his philanthropic work. In fact, he has a YouTube channel exclusively for this type of content. It is on the Beast Philanthropy channel where he publicizes his new charity work.

The video titled “Giving Away $400,000 in Merch with Dream!” MrBeast shows that he has collected $400,000 worth of merch for donation. Content creators like Dream, GeorgeNotFound, YesTheory, CinemaWins, ColinandSamir, among others, actively participated in the offerings. Then MrBest distributed the gifts to over 30 different locations for families in need.

MrBeast’s generosity also extends to critical social causes. For example, in 2019, he completed the ambitious task of planting 20 million trees, his biggest project yet. The campaign also enlisted the help of entrepreneur and philanthropist Elon Musk.


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