MrBeast Willy Wonka

The thumbnail to MrBeast’s latest video.

On Saturday, June 4th, 2022, MrBeast released his Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory video. In this video, Fans of MrBeast compete for a chocolate factory by participating in various challenges, such as an eating contest, rock climbing challenge, hide and seek, etc.

MrBeast’s Latest Video:

In this video, MrBeast featured professional television chef Gordan Ramsy, as well as many other surprises. Overall, the video was well-received by fans, with many fans taking to social media to share their reactions.

On YouTube many fans took the opportunity to comment with their praise for MrBeast:

“Congratulations, Jimmy! You have truly outdone yourself with this recreation of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It is an amazing feat and I’m sure the lucky person who gets to experience it will be blown away. I can only imagine how much work went into making this and you should be very proud. I’m sure Willy Wonka himself would be impressed!”

– A fan said via YouTube comment.

Since releasing, MrBeast’s video has managed to gain over 1.9 million views within 40 minutes, a feat that not many other YouTubers can pull off. Topping this latest video will be hard for MrBeast, however, MrBeast has already teased his next big video.  Click here to read about that.