Following the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, First-person shooter fans are upset with Activision. The game’s poor initial perception and its lack of ongoing care by the developers have some fans pointing fingers. With the release of the new game, CoD eSports fans have felt excessively neglected by the California-based developer. Many eSports fans are upset with the fact that Activision has made very little progress in supporting eSports for this year’s franchise entry.  As such, many pros and eSports org are speaking out. Former CoD eSports legend and owner of 100 Thieves known as Nadeshot is one of those speaking out. Fed up with the state of the game, Nadeshot told Activision to “Wake up”

Nadeshot is Regretful with Returning to Call of Duty

Nadeshot shared on Twitter that he was regretful in his decision to have his organization 100 Thieves return to Call of Duty. Furthermore, Nadeshot went as far as calling himself a “fool” for doing so.

The Gaming Community Speaks Out

Nadeshot is not the only one upset. Other members of the eSports community are expressing their concerns as well. TacticalRab, an Esports analyst, took to Twitter sharing very similar concerns for the game:


December 30th, 2021 @ 3:51 pm EST:

Nadeshot also addressed his concerns on stream:

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