New YouTube Feature

Every day, YouTube is getting closer and closer to making itself a viable competitor to Twitch. Today on May 3rd, 2022, YouTube just announced another core feature that has some in the community excited. On Twitter, the video platform revealed that it would be launching a feature similar to Twitch’s hosting/raiding feature. This new feature is aimed at helping streamers grow each other by sending one streamer’s live viewers to another streamer’s livestream automatically.

For many in the community, this was a noticeable aspect of streaming that was missing from YouTube. This change is aimed at further establishing and building up YouTube streamers, as well as building a sense of community for the platform’s livestreaming service. The full YouTube announcement can be found below:


YouTube’s Announcement:
“Hi creators,
Today we’re introducing Live Redirect on YouTube: a new feature that lets you send your audience to the Premiere or live stream of your choice – including other creator’s channels – as soon as yours ends. This also means other creators can redirect to you!
With Live Redirect, you can build excitement for an upcoming Premiere and help your fans spontaneously discover new creators (and show them some well deserved love!). Tip: Start by building out the list of channels that can redirect to you, and then try this out in an upcoming stream.
We’ve added built-in features so you have control over who can redirect to your YouTube channel. Keep the default YouTube Studio setting (any channel you’re subscribed to can redirect to you, so long as your subscriptions are public), or update it to only allow Live Redirects from specific channels that you’ve approved. Learn more about how to update your Live Redirect settings in our Help Center. “
-Team YouTube