Pete Davidson Finally Claps Back At Kanye West

Pete Davidson finally claps back at Kanye West amidst their intense saga of drama. At the Netflix is a Joke Festival, Davidson did what he does best, recount his life with jokes, and in this new preview of Davidson’s set, we get told a little bit about how much Kanye West has affected the comedian’s life.

The preview begins with Davidson touching on the first big scare of his year, discovering that he had AIDS. The joke stems from the claims that allegedly Kanye West had said that the comedian suffered from AIDS.

“Kanye told me I had AIDS, and he’s a genius so I was like oh f***. I gotta call my doctor, the guy who made college dropout thinks I have AIDS. So I went to the doctor, and my doctor told me I don’t have AIDS I just look like I have it.”

Davidson then inserts a Miss Doubtfire joke before moving on to how strange it has been having to deal with the rapper. He states that none of his friends have been able to give him any direction on how to confront and calm down Kanye, instead they simply reassure him that it’ll be ok and that even they are stumped on how to solve the situation. Following this, the trailer ends with one final joke about Pete Davidson and his friendship with famed Kentucky rapper, Jack Harlow. In the joke, he explains the strange situation he has been in, where the public is constantly asking Davidson how he feels when his friends work with Kanye, to which his response is most likely the same throughout every situation. The comedian understands his friends are working and thinks nothing more of it.

Apart from the jokes seen in the preview, the rest of his set is a mystery, and whether or not their hole goes deeper in how harshly Pete clapped back at Kanye West is still a question that has no answer



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