Peter Monn Car Crash

YouTube commentator Peter Monn is currently in the hospital and recovering from a severe car crash.

On Wednesday, the fatal crash which involved three cars left one driver dead. Peter and the two others injured in the crash are expected to recover.

According to the police report, Monn was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which struck a Chevrolet pickup. The driver of the Chevrolet pickup was pronounced dead at the scene. Peter’s Jeep was in the center of the road when the event occurred and also struck a Nissan Altima. At this time, it is still unknown what caused the crash. Local news station WRTV reported that one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition, no confirmation who exactly was taken yet, however.

The community rallies behind Peter after receiving news of the tragedy:

Local news station WRTV Indianapolis posted about the situation, interviewing many citizens regarding the roads conditions as well.


  • 2/17/22: Updated the article to include statements from local news.
  • 2/23/22: Monn has released a statement regarding his condition, you can read about it by clicking here.