On Wednesday, Peter Monn released a statement to his fans addressing the recent news that the influencer was in a car crash. In a Twitter thread, Monn shared his stark condition, informing his fans that he has no recollection of the crash. He also shared that he was resuscitated as a result of his injuries: “They brought me back to life more times than I can count in front of friends and family, deciding that this head injury also caused heart problems, blood pressure issues & thyroid issues.”

“I woke up with no memory of 3 three, five staples in my head, head contusions, a broken back(i’m in a brace for at least 6 months), a bruised lung, a broken rib and cuts and scrapes all over.”

Peter Monn, sharing his condition on Twitter.

Additionally, Monn shared that he is appreciative of the many fundraisers created for him, however, he did not approve of them and has asked his supporters to take them down. Regarding the fundraisers, he said: “If I ever needed to beg for money I would do it myself.”

Furthermore, in this Twitter thread, Monn addressed that he will be away from making videos for a bit, but does ultimately want to return to producing content.


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