PewDiePie Finally Moved To Japan

After 2 years of voicing his desire to relocate to Japan, PewDiePie has finally made the move. Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and his love for Japan has been no secret, the creator’s life, and videos are littered with references to Japanese culture. In 2019, the Swedish Youtuber even revealed that he had bought a house in Japan, however, the country’s strict travel restrictions made it impossible for him to make the move. Up until recently, that is.

Yesterday, May 9th, 2022, fans of Kjellberg were shocked by a new vlog upload titled “It finally happened!” In this vlog, he officially announces that he, his wife Marzia Kjellberg, and his 2 pugs have finally made it to their long-awaited home. In the heartwarming vlog, we are taken through the long and stressful process Kjellberg was forced to endure, and it’s safe to say the end justified the means. The final few moments of the vlog include PewDiePie and the moment where he realized that his dream has finally come true, leaving himself and possibly many fans with tears in their eyes.

“It’s been a really long journey, but I really, really appreciate everyone who was supportive of us going, [..] It just meant a lot that people were cheering for us, you know, […] It feels amazing to be here, finally. I can’t wait for the next chapter of our lives.”

What this move means for his career is still up to Kjellberg, however, it’s no surprise that many fans are in anticipation of many more vlogs. Additionally, if this means a further possible decrease in uploads, this is a heartwarming conclusion to the chapter of PewDiePie’s life that started out in a simple apartment room with a man and a dream. Overall, fans of PewDiePie are generally happy for him.


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