Being considered the number one YouTuber can lead to a very stressful life. So it’s only natural to have ways to cope with that stress, and for PewDiePie, that stress reliever comes in the form of a Balisong.

However, in his attempt to purchase his much-desired stress reliever, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was instead met with an even bigger problem. In his March 2nd upload, PewDiePie explains that he bought a balisong off of Wish. Little did he know, however, that instead of a package being on his doorstep, he was met with police officers. In his description of the encounter, PewdiePie states, “the cops came to my house, […] Told me I was bad, and that I shouldn’t have done that.” (segment starts at 0:23)

The whole encounter stems from the fact that balisongs are a part of the Prohibited Product List of Wish. This resulted in PewDiePie sharing the warning he received with an audience encouraging them to not buy balisongs, and to instead buy other stress relievers like fidget spinners, while also joking about his new supposed criminal record.


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