A picture from the Instagram of Pokimane

Commentary Channel on Youtube, Jeremy Hambly, aka TheQuartering, accused Pokimane’s team of demanding him take down videos about her. According to him, the videos fit in the category of fair use. He also alleges Pokimane’s team is afraid of using DMCA system of YouTube cause they know he will take it to court. Therefore, he affirms he won’t remove any of the videos.

Hambly explained in his video that he received an email from the Pokimane team. They requested the removal of content related to her. “I guess when you get publicly dragged for abusing DMCA to take down videos critical of you, you just hire an agency to do it and pretend like you have nothing to do with it,” Hambly said.

Finally, Hambly spoke of the possibility of taking the case to court. “They are going to get her in trouble legally because first of all my videos were absolutely fair use, I will go to court, I will spend an exorbitant amount of money in court defending my videos, and I will enjoy the discovery phase greatly, as will the entire internet. He added: “These videos from years ago, you’re bringing them back up to the surface now, why?”


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