Jake Paul

After knocking out every opponent he’s faced, Jake Paul has the boxing world in a frenzy. One professional boxer in particular, 3x World Champion Mairis Briedis, has done just about everything to get the attention of The Problem Child.


Mairis Briedis Jake Paul Tattoo

Mairis Briedis “Jake’s Bad Karma” Tattoo

Briedis’s first, and most permanent attempt at luring the undefeated boxer to a fight was a tattoo. Back in January, he took to his Instagram to share the new ink. “Time to pick up the phone…” Briedis told Paul.

Diss Track

After Paul dropped his diss track on Dana White, Briedis followed suit to spit some bars on the YouTube boxer himself.

In the 1-minute song, Briedis claims Paul’s fights are rigged: “I’ll show the world your fights were set up.”

Fake Followers

After Paul continued to ignore the cruiserweight champion, he allegedly took it in to his own hands to expand his follower reach. Briedis jumped from 90,000 followers on Instagram to 1.4 million in less than a month, hoping to get Paul’s attention. This raised some eyebrows, as his engagement remained the same.

Mairis Briedis fake followers

Screenshot of Mairis Briedis Instagram Social Blade

Mario Costume

Paul finally commented on Briedis’s tactics to get noticed:

“People begging me for fights. This guy Mario begging me for fights […] I saw the tattoo but I don’t know who he is. Someone told me “a world champion got you tattooed,” I was like , ok? I don’t know what he wants from me.”

– Jake Paul speaking on Mairis Briedis

After Paul referred to him as “Mario”, Briedis dressed up as the Nintendo character live on DAZN in response to the mispronunciation of his name:

At this time, Paul seems to be completely uninterested in a fight with Breidis. For now, we wait to see what Bredis has up his sleeve for Paul next.


  • 2/28/22 @ 2:51 PM EST: According to a new Mirror exclusive article, Mairis Briedis is now offering Jake Paul a chance at his world title.

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