Sidemen & Beta Squad Teased A Charity Soccer Match


Sidemen vs Beta Squad – Charity Match?

Two of the UK’s largest social media groups may be working on a charity football match. Earlier this week on April 4th, 2022, an official Sidemen Instagram account took the replies of a Beta Squad post to tease the possibility of charity match. As a result, supporters of the two groups took the replies to share their excitement. On Instagram the two groups shared:

@joinsideplus: “So when we organising the charity match?”

@betasquad: “we’ll have our people speak to your people 👀🤝”

@joinsideplus: “we would destroy you”

In case you are unaware, the sidemen host some of the largest social-media charity football games. Back on June 3rd, 2016 during their first charity match the group managed to raise €115,000 (roughly $150,000) for the Saints Foundation charity. Additionally, back on May 21st, 2017, the group raised €210,00 (roughly $275,607) for the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and Childline. Furthermore, the last time the group hosted a match was back on June of 2018, where the group managed to raise €65,747 (roughly $87,475) for the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and Young Minds.

Such a match between the Sidemen and Beta Squad would be much bigger than their previous charity matches, as both squads now have an unmatched relationship with their UK audience, as well as a stronger global audience. Furthermore, considering the fact that many from both groups have a packed summer in terms of boxing and social media collaborations, the hype for such event would be at an all time high.

Fan Speculation:

Many fans speculate that charity event could be called “Clash of Creators”, which is taking place on May 15th, 2022. (Not to be confused with the Idubbbz’s charity boxing event titled “Creator Clash”, which is taking place a day before on May 14th.) The reason for this speculation is that the line-up for Clash of Creators features members from both the Sidemen and Beta Squad, as well as other popular UK content creators.

So could this be the event they are teasing? Well, given the context to both Sidemen’s and Beta Squad’s exchange on Instagram, there is also the possibility that they could be planning another charity football event on top of the “Clash of Creators” event, with this new event featuring just Sidemen and Beta Squad members. For now, fans of the two groups will have to keep an eye out for more details.


Additional Research by Luke Brahler.