Sidemen & MrBeast

An edited picture of the Sidemen, MrBeast, and Logan Paul.

The UK’s most influential group is planning something huge with some of America’s largest content creators. On Sunday, the Sidemen hinted briefly that the UK group has plans to collaborate with content creators such as MrBeast, Logan Paul, FaZe Clan, and Adin Ross.  The exact specifics of the group’s collaborations are unknown, but, we know from the past that such collaborations have the potential to break the internet!


Following this brief teaser, some fans took to Twitter to share their opinion on the ordeal:

The specifics of the collaboration have yet to be announced, however, fans have been anticipating a collaboration between MrBeast and the Sidemen for years! Needless to say, such a teaser has only added more hype for such a highly-anticipated collaboration.


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