On Monday, Sofia Franklyn, known for her public breakup with the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, went on the ‘Dear Media Studio’ show to discuss being canceled:

“What was I cancelled for? Wanting a raise and not wanting to work for a company that is disgusting?”

– Sofia Franklyn on getting canceled in 2020 after leaving the Barstool backed podcast

Barstool Beef

Call Her Daddy

Sofia and her former co-host Alexandra Cooper had a public falling-out over their podcast’s contract renewal in 2020. Dave Portnoy — owner of Barstool sports, allegedly refused to give Sofia the pay raise she had requested.

Last week, before calling Barstool “disgusting”, Sofia revealed there is a “zero percent” chance ‘Call Her Daddy’ fans will get a Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper reunion. During Wednesday’s episode of “The Morning Toast,” Sofia scoffed at the idea of the pair ever getting back together again.

“I mean, if she wants to Venmo me $30 million,” Franklyn joked, referencing Alexandra’s $60 million deal with Spotify in 2021. “It was also hard to see something you’ve worked on for so f*king long be sold for that amount of money,” Sofia said of the blockbuster deal. “I actually think if I would’ve stayed on the show and we would’ve not betrayed each other … I think we could’ve sold it for more, honestly, and that was always the goal.”

Although Franklyn now has her own podcast, ‘Sofia With an F’, she added that if she was Cooper, she would’ve negotiated for a minimum of $100 million from the digital platform.


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