SSSniperwolf, who is also known as Alia “Lia” Shelesh, is a well-known youtube content creator with over 30.6 million subscribers. Throughout her 8 years on YouTube, Lia has cemented herself as an unlikable figure amongst a sizable portion of the YouTube commentary community. Over the years Lia has demonstrated time and time again a pattern of morally disingenuous and unacceptable behaviors.  Today her moral disingenuity was displayed in full force after SSSniperwolf allegedly ghosted a terminally ill 10-year-old girl named Kiara.

Keemstar was the first to take to Twitter sharing SSSniperwolf’s awful behavior. He posted the following Twitter video where he explains how Adam22 (from the No Jumper Podcast) reached out to Keemstar in order to make this sick child’s dream come true, which was meeting SSSniperwolf, her idol.





As explained by Keemstar in his Twitter video, “SSSniperwolf agreed to talk to the kid dying of cancer”

So what is SSSniperwolf doing? Well, not talking to the dying kid. She instead decided to blow off the arranged meeting for chocolate cake at a fancy restaurant, so it seems.

SSSniperwolf ghostsed a terminally ill 10 year old, out eating chocolate cake instead.

SSSniperwolf shared the following picture to her Instagram, demonstrating that she was not preoccupied at the time of Keemstar’s Twitter video.

Messages showing SSSniperwolf ghosting the child:

Messages exchanged between SSSniperwolf and the mother show the mother repeatedly attempting to organize an interaction with SSSniperwolf.

SSSniperwolf’s Response:







Frustrated Mother:

After repeated attempts at arranging a meet, the sick girls mother blocked SSSniperwolf out of frustration.


Update (December 28, 2021):

Youtuber OmarGoshTV in collaboration with various influencers shared a heartwarming video that was originally intended for just the terminally ill girl named Kiera

OmarGoshTV shared in the description more information, where he mentioned how within a single day he assemble 11 other YouTubers to make a heartwarming video. The fact that 12 of YouTubes’ top influencers managed to take time out of their day at a moment’s notice demonstrates how poorly SSSniperwolf handled the situation.

“This was a private video I shared with Kiara earlier however the family is in dire need of prayers so that’s why I am sharing this out and was given the OK by mom to do so.” – OmarGoshTV

SSSniperwolf took to her YouTube comments following OmarGoshTV’s video, and shared the following:

SSSniperwolf's comments

Keemstar said the following in response to her YouTube comment:

“Sssniperwolf has time to defend herself but not time to call a 10 year old fan dying of cancer.” – Keemstar

Kiara’s GoFundMe:

OmarGoshTV also shared Kiara’s GoFundMe, which can be found here