Some are claiming animal abuse following the release of a viral Twitch clip. Early in the morning on January 7th, 2022, Twitter users
shared a clip of streamer SierraAlexis tossing her car into the air. In the clip, you can hear what appears to be the cat forcefully land.
Keemstar, the owner of DramaAlert, tweeted the following out yesterday regarding the matter. His tweet generated a lot of discussion regarding the alleged animal abuse incident. 

People are not happy with her clip. In fact, many of Keemstar’s fans took to his replies to voice their opinion on the situation. Many are comparing the situation to fellow streamer Alinty, who had a similar controversy.

Even YouTube commentator Optimus, who is also a guest-writer for DramaAlert, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter.

SierraAlexis Responds to the backlash:

On Twitter, SierraAlexis quickly responded to Keemstar’s tweet by sharing the following message.

SierraAlexis also posted the following video response. In her video, she shared that the cat was “okay” and “landed right on her feet” following the throwing. She also claims that the clip that went viral was cut prematurely. She additionally claims that the uncut clips show her cat walking away unharmed.


SierraAlexis was not the only streamer in recent to be accused of animal abuse, click here to read more.