A picture from Tayler Holder’s Instagram page.

Tayler Holder is one of the most popular TikTokers on the platform. With more than 20 million followers, he has won over his audience with dancing videos. But it’s not just his fans he’s won over. He is also friends with other great content creators on the platform like Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Charly Jordan, the D’Amelio sisters, and many others. Over the years, Holder has made several collaborations with them.

But recently, some fans have noticed that close friends of Holder’s have started to unfollow him on his social media.

Soon the mass unfollows began to raise concerns about what might be going on. Fans speculated that it could be a marketing strategy to promote Holder’s recent music release. On January 26, Holder released the ballad “Never Was You” and the music video a few days later. However, others believed that it could all be a social experiment.


Adding fire to the rumors, close friends of Holder have begun posting things that could refer to some (as yet unknown) situation about him. Twitter users hypothesized that a post made by Bryce Hall in his Instagram stories could be about Holder. The same was done about a post made by TikToker Julian Hodges, who was said to be a close friend of those involved.

Despite much speculation, nothing about the matter has been said openly. None of the influencers who have stopped following Holder have explained why. And even Tayler Holder himself has not reacted to these speculations so far.

Update ( 2/2/22 @ 10:55 AM EST):

Tayler Holder went on the BFFs Podcast for an interview and was asked by host David Portnoy about the recent speculation being made about him. Holder responded by saying: “We’re all on the internet, man. We see how everything works, you know cancel culture is the thing, everyone talks everyone gossips, a the end of the day there’s a lot of stuff going on offline that should continue to be handled offline, and there’s a lot of stuff that’s sensitive topics that I don’t agree with and will continue to handle offline professionally as stuff should be. I think going on the internet about every problem we ever have is a bit like you know, it could be handled differently.”

More directly, Portnoy asks if Holder knows why his friends are unfollowing him on social media. In response, Holder says:
“You know, at the end of the day, there’s everyone saying everything, there’s a lot of assumptions, there’s a lot of gossip, it’s all everyone’s opinion. It’s all he said, she said stuff, you know, but at the end of the day, there’s always a truth to everything, and like I said, I have great people around me, and we’re going to continue to handle that offline and hope that everyone else does, and I’m sure managers, you know.” 

Update (2/2/22 @ 3:46 PM EST)

Additionally, Keemstar, owner of DramaAlert, commented on the matter, sharing that trusted sources told DramaAlert that Holder will be facing serious allegations and that the creator has sent over 50 cease-and-desist letters to various influencers in LA.

Update(2/2/22 @ 6:27 PM EST):

Taylor Holder has resurfaced on social media, appearing to be unbothered by the recent controversy. He posted to his Instagram story, and on TikTok. Additionally, Keemstar, the owner of DramaAlert, posted a YouTube video going more in-depth with the recent allegations.

Update (2/4/22 @ 4:23 PM EST):

Influencer Jordyn Jones explained why she unfollowed Tayler Holder on her podcast. She didn’t give much detail but said that the story will probably leak soon since it involves a “high up person”. She did not receive a cease and desist letter but said that a friend of hers did and contacted her.

Additionally, Keemstar shared a leaked copy of the cease-and-desist letters that have allegedly been sent to various influencers in LA.

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