With the disappointing turn of events following the Floyd Mayweather fight, it has become questionable whether or not Logan Paul is coming back to boxing. However, in a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Logan Paul has decided to come clean and explain his future in boxing.

The first thing on Paul revealed is set for this Saturday, where Paul and Arnold Schwarzenegger are hosting a Slap Fighting Championship from the Arnold Sports Festival in Colombus, Ohio. During the explanation, Paul also clarifies that although he is “Happy to be part of the event”, he will not be competing in this variation of combat sport. Shortly after, the conversation was quick to turn to Paul’s situation involving Mayweather. The incident touches on Paul claiming that after their exhibition bout in June of 2020, he was never paid what Mayweather owed him. Paul is still yet to explain how he’ll be getting his money, but it seems to involve “Floyd’s new chains.”

But the true bombshell of this interview comes in the end as Paul states that he has finally begun training again and that he hopes to fight by the end of the year to one-up his brother Jake.

As of writing this article, Paul is yet to clarify who exactly this opponent he hopes for is, but we’ll keep you updated the moment any new developments are made.

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