“I just lost all my hair,” the Twitch streamer said while rubbing his slightly cindered arm. Streamer b3ck had just survived almost being blown to bits. So what went wrong? This streamer almost exploded because of a malfunctioning gas heater. You won’t believe how lucky he is.

On twitch, b3ck explained the fireball was due to a malfunctioning heater. He said the heater had stopped working which resulted in B3ck investigating the matter. In the clip, you can see b3ck investigating the heater by opening a hatch at its bottom, milliseconds later the gas surrounding the heater ignited.


Fans reacted to the incident with shock. Once things seemed safe, One stream’s moderators named bigoztheman jokingly commented “how to burn down the ice hut 101”.

Streamer almost EXPLODED fishing. Twitch Chat Reacts.

The streamer’s Twitch chat reacted seconds after the fireball

Luckily, no serious injuries occurred, and the streamer was able to continue fishing. For more streamer news, click here.