The Sidemen have Covid!

On Thursday, Miniminter took to his Instagram story to announce he had tested positive for Covid-19: “Ladies and gentlemen, ya boy has Covid”. He does feel well enough to stream, though, which is a good sign:

He’s not the only Sideman currently under the weather. In a now-deleted tweet, Harry (Wroetoshaw), revealed that two other members came down with the illness:

Harry W2S

W2S deleted tweet.

The second of three positive Sidemen members, Josh, tweeted out a photo of his tests with the caption “L”:

The third to test positive was Vikkstar. In a tweet, he revealed that he is actually the last Sidemen member to get covid:

In Harry’s deleted tweet, he revealed that the group has three ‘Sidemen Sunday’ shoots this week. It looks like they may have to cancel those videos for the foreseeable future.


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