Tom Brady

A picture of Tom Brady.

After an incredible 22 season-long career with Seven Superbowl featuring the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady is retiring from the NFL. (Note from the editor — Please see the update at the end of the article)

The news first broke when ESPN’s Adam Schefter took to Twitter to announce the shocking development. More context was then found when ESPN published an article following Schefter’s tweet. Schefter and Darlington reported that Brady had decided due to ” several factors,” including family, health, and expected roster turnover in Tampa Bay.

The news has been impactful to football fans everywhere, with many influencers reacting taking to Twitter reacting to the retirement.

Update (12/29/22 @ 11:30 PM EST):

According to a recent TMZ report, Tom Brady’s father has said his son is not retiring.

Update (1/1/22 @ 11:30 PM EST):

It is official, Tom Brady has retired from the NFL


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