YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick AKA “Totally Not Mark” talked about the battle he had to fight against the Japanese animation studio “Toei Animation”. In December of 2021, Fitzpatrick had 150 of his YouTube videos claimed by the animation studio. The case gained repercussions after YouTuber PewDiePie published a video showing support for Fitzpatrick.

In his video, Fitzpatrick alleges that after having 150 videos from his channel unfairly claimed, someone from YouTube contacted him via Discord. The YouTube contact told Fitzpatrick that there was more going on behind the scenes than just the copyright claims. At this moment Fitzpatrick discovered that Toei had submitted 150 requests to have his videos permanently removed from the platform, thus generating 150 strikes. Additionally, this would lead to the complete removal of his channel.

During the battle, both sides had to review the content in question. Fitzpatrick had to prove that his videos fell under the category of fair use. However, Toei Animation did not seem to want to reach an agreement other than the complete removal of Fitzpatrick’s videos. As a result, YouTube had to step in. The platform removed the videos only in Japan. They felt that Fitzpatrick’s videos would qualify for a fair use exemption in the rest of the world.

Although Fitzpatrick is not sure that Toei Animation will not try to take down his videos again, he did show his gratitude for YouTube’s move. According to Fitzpatrick, YouTube has never done anything like this before. He concluded by saying that this was: “a move that has added a brand new step in their copyright policy or protocol.”


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