Trisha Paytas is pregnant and expecting their first child with husband Moses Hacmon. The 33-year-old YouTuber shared the happy news on Valentine’s Day:

Trisha’s Long Struggle with Infertility

Trisha revealed that over the past 8 years, doctors have continuously told them they were infertile. They are currently 7 weeks pregnant and Trisha says they have never been more at peace in their life.

In 2016, Trisha uploaded a YouTube video explaining why they can’t have children. They revealed that they have a pelvic inflammatory disease:

“With my PID, the chances of ever having children are basically zero. I’ll just tell you guys now, I know that it’s not in the cards for me.”

In April 2016, Trisha posted a tweet that read: “If God has blessed u with the ability to carry a child, consider [yourself] oh so very lucky. Infertility is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

The couple also shared the happy news by showing their first sonogram on TikTok:


Now that Trisha is finally pregnant, many fans are over the moon for them following their long journey with infertility, which they have spoken about publicly. As a result, they are currently trending #3 on Twitter:

Trisha Paytas trending on Twitter

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