Recent picture of Trisha Paytas crying on the floor.

A recent picture of Trisha Paytas crying on the floor.

Trisha Paytas, the controversial social media star, has been nearing 5 million subscribers for some time now. Early May 2021, Paytas finally hit 5 million subscribers. Her subscriber count stayed the same for most of the month, until January 23rd, 2022 when she dropped ten thousand subscribers. Paytas losing ten thousand subscribers put her below 5 million subscribers, which is a big loss for an influencer like herself.

A recent picture of Trisha Paytas’s Social Blade.

Paytas’s subscriber count has been bouncing around for a while now. In May of 2019, she was planning for her 5 million subscriber celebration, but her subscriber count went back down again.

Fans congratulating Paytas on hitting 5 million subscribers.

Not everyone was so happy for Paytas. Some fans even made fun of her for losing subscribers.

Over the last 30 days, according to Social Blade, she has lost over 20 thousand subscribers. It’s not very clear why she has been losing so many subscribers at this rate. Paytas has always been putting herself in the center of controversy over the years, maybe this will be a reality check for her. Fortunately, Paytas still has time to regain her subscribers to hit 5 million yet again this year. A new year and a new start will hopefully bring good things for Paytas in the coming months.


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