For what has seemed like ages, Twitch has had a serious problem with the banning of its top content creators, such as DrDisrespect’s ban. Many feel that the platform’s bans are too vague, not providing a proper explanation as to why some streamers have been banned. Well, the streaming platform Twitch seems to think the vague bans are a problem too. According to a recent Washington Post article, the streaming platform is ‘working on’ making ban notifications more specific.

In the article, Twitch’s vice present of trust and safety spoke on the matter, informing the Post that the platform is looking into potential changes:

“Safety is a journey, and this is a number-one ask from our community. So we’re looking at how we can attach more details for people to understand — like the video itself. That’s something we’re definitely working on,”

-Twitch VP of Trust and Safety Angela Hession

As of now, it is not exactly clear what changes Twitch will make. This story is still developing.