Andrew John Shane, who goes by ‘Randolph’ on YouTube, has announced he is going to be a father. He and his wife Laura were previously involved with a controversy during the diss track wars of 2018. 

On November 26th, KSI’s brother ‘Deji’ released his diss track RAN to his YouTube channel. This song mostly addressed Randolph but mentioned Laura by her instagram handle ‘@lettersby_laura’. Randolph is a large figure in the YouTube rap scene and a frequent collaborator with KSI. Randolph has featured in several viral songs such as Beerus, RED ALERT and REAL NAME.

Today on both Instagram and Twitter, he announced he has a baby coming on the way.

We are having a baby! Super excited & nervous but we can’t wait.

Huge huge love to @lettersby_laura who is growing a literal human ❤️


It appears the happy couple are gearing up to have a fantastic Christmas, just like his friend KSI who recently announced he was COVID free.