Early Thursday footage surfaced of DaBaby and his entourage in a fight with his former girlfriend DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills. In the video, Bills is seen being attacked by the group in a bowling alley.

The internet was quick to tie the two to the event due to both party’s Instagram activities before the fight. DaBaby is seen in the video, however, Bills was identified due to him posting an Instagram story of him at a bowling alley on the same day of the ordeal.

Shortly after the ordeal, DaniLeigh took to Instagram posting “I pray this stops now!!! this is my family! And I got a daughter to raise.” Shortly after her Instagram account was removed. Bills also made a statement before privating his Instagram stating ““Stop calling me, I’m good. These n***** is p**** I’m stood my own on 5 n***** by myself n**** ain’t ready for this 1 on 1 I will beat n**** a**.”

Since the event, TMZ reported that police are now investigating DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon. Also citing that the investigation is taking that angle due to Bills having been kicked in the head while on the ground.