#FAZE1 Recruitment Challenge

An edited picture of the #FAZE1 Recruitment Challenge.

The world’s largest eSports and digital entertainment organization is looking for a new member! FaZe Clan, known for being monumental in the gaming community, took to Twitter on January 20th, 2022, to let fans know about the new ‘#FAZE1 Recruitment Challenge’. On Twitter, the gaming-entertainment organization posted a trailer to their challenge. In this trailer, Faze Clan informed fans about the big opportunity ahead and how they can register. Furthermore, they shared that in addition to joining the most prestigious eSports organization, the winner of the challenge will also be receiving over a million dollars in assets. The organization plans to turn this recruitment challenge into a “live reality-style show”, with promises of streaming the recruitment process 24/7 for fifteen days straight.

“This is the biggest thing FaZe has ever done” – FaZe Banks.


Since its founding back in 2010, FaZe clan has grown to be the biggest gaming organization on the planet. With some of the most die-hard fans, the members of the organization have a combined total of 341 million followers across all social platforms.  Looking for more gaming news, click here!