Will IShowSpeed Play in Sidemen Charity

The Sidemen may be having another charity football match soon, and chatter regarding who will play in it has begun. Particularly, the involvement of popular streamer IShowSpeed is something many want to see. So, will IShowSpeed play in the next Sidemen Charity Football Match?

Talk of the long-awaited fourth Sidemen Charity Football Match, succeeding the most recent one in 2018, started up again when KSI asked in a tweet for suggestions as to which YouTubers should be a part of it.

Randolph and Miniminter Advocate For IShowSpeed’s Involvement

Randolph, a close friend of KSI’s, replied in advocacy for IShowSpeed.

Miniminter also entertained the possibility of IShowSpeed joining the roster, saying on his stream, “I’d love [for] Speed to be in the charity match.”

IShowSpeed Reacts

IShowSpeed then reacted to Miniminter on his own stream, seeming to be interested in the idea.

The History of the Sidemen Charity Football Matches

IShowSpeed has garnered a massive audience on YouTube recently, so it is no secret that his involvement in the event would be highly beneficial to its success. The United Kingdom’s biggest influencers like AnEsonGib and Deji have participated in the past. Additionally, the 2018 Sidemen Charity Football Match included major YouTubers from the United States such as Keemstar and RiceGum. The charity football matches have raised a grand total of over half a million dollars for charity.

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