YouTube users are speaking out after the Alphabet-owned video distribution platform changed its desktop user interface. This latest rendition of YouTube’s U.I. has some noticeably upset, as many feel the latest change is terrible.

So what exactly changed? Well, YouTube decided to change the order of its layout, adding a new location for comments. For veterans of the site, these changes seem unorthodox. Many feel that the site is just trying to cram mobile phone UI into the desktop experience, which ultimately some feel is harming the desktop’s usability. In response to the changes, one user tweeted: “oh what the FUCK youtube this new layout is actually horrible. i actually thought my browser was bugging out. this is so unreadable”

The U.I. changes have yet to roll out to all users, so there may be some changes before it hits the majority of users. As of now, not much is known about YouTube’s future plans in terms of its layout.


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