Nelk and Trump

YouTube Removes Nelk’s Podcast Episode Featuring President Donald J. Trump

On March 9th, the YouTube group known as Nelk posted a podcast episode featuring President Donald J. Trump. The group’s episode quickly racked up over 5 million views in under 24 hours. Despite the fast-growing viewership, YouTube does not seem happy with the group, as, on March 10th, the group’s video was removed from the platform.

On Twitter, Nelk shared that YouTube believed the video violated its ‘misinformation policy’. As a result of this abrupt removal, supporters of both President Trump and the influencers took to Twitter to voice what some have dubbed as censorship.

The Podcast Episode:

On top of this being a big collab for the group, this is also one of Trump’s first times speaking on the Russia-Ukraine situation. In this latest podcast episode, Trump shared his opinions on the current administration’s foreign policy, energy independence, and more.

Trump & Fox News:

Following the video’s removal, President Trump took the opportunity to share his opinions via Fox news.


How To Watch The Deleted Podcast:

Despite it being removed from Nelk’s largest platform, there is still a way to view this episode. The entire podcast episode can be found on Nelk’s own website


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