Edited picture of Susan Wojcicki.

An edited picture of Susan Wojcicki.

YouTube is looking to reach new goals for the year 2022. YouTube shorts has already hit 5 trillion all-time views. Creators all around the world are impacting the global economy. Some exciting news, channels that are making $10,000 a year is now up 40% than years prior to this year! Looking forward YouTube is also looking to capitalize on the popularity of NFTs according to its CEO, who shared that the platform is looking into the emerging technology.

YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki shared in a video the companies priorities for 2022. In this video, she shared that YouTube is bringing up new talent. Over 40% of creators who received payments from the creator fund last year were not in the YouTube Partner Program previously! The CEO also announced that the platform is looking to expand its live stream content. One way they plan to improve it is through the upcoming addition of gifted memberships. Wojcicki also promises that they are building out more ways for discoverability, and will be rolling out ‘live-shopping’ to more people. Live-shopping appears to be an infomercial-style live stream.

Additionally, she talked about the removal of dislikes. YouTube is very aware and heard from many of the users about the removal of the public dislike count on YouTube. In this video, Susan Wojcicki shares the reasons YouTube removed the dislike button, citing that the button was harming parts of their ecosystem.

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