ZHC exposed

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The YouTuber Jazza posted his second video exposing the 23.6 million subscriber YouTube artist known as ZHC. Following the release of this video, some YouTube fans have gone as far as comparing the YouTube artist to being a cult leader. Here is everything you need to know about the situation.

Jazza’s First Video.

In his original video, Jazza took aim and voiced various allegations towards the artist. Jazza voices his doubt over ZHC’s claims that he has carpal tunnel, and additionally, he also outlined concerns of misleading giveaways.

Exposing ZHC – Part 1 Summary:
  • ZHC transitioned from being an artist to be more of a YouTuber
    • Shows how he started using other people’s influence as a draw for views instead of his art to get clicks.
  • ZHC first “taste of true greatness” where his art was featured on PewDiePie 
    • At this point, he found a way system to get featured by the largest creator on the platform. 
    • Jazza in his video clarified using other people as the subject of the content isn’t a bad thing.
  • Is ZHC Faking carpal tunnel?
    • ZHC gets carpal tunnel, framing it as one of the worst things to happen to an artist.
      • Portions of the video seem fake, Jazza highlighted many different reasons. 
    • Jazza calls out this claim that he even got carpal tunnel because as ZHC ‘s career goes on, he does even more taxing art, and works even more than he did before, with no reference to his carpal tunnel or need for a brace anymore.
  • ZHC created a thing called the Art Alliance, which seemed to be a community-driven collaboration effort.
    • On the surface sounds good, but really it dissipated into nothing.  In Jazza’s second video, he goes much more in-depth about this alliance. 
  • This phase also marks the start of ZHC’s giveaways
  • Misleading giveaways?
    • ZHC started to consider YouTube content first and art second. 
    • This is shown when he wanted collab with other YouTubers.
      • He wanted to have a video where the title was about giving away $10,000, but really no money would be involved, it actually would just be the loser giving the winner a piece of their art.
      • Jazza disagreed with this because then it’s basically claiming their art is worth $10,000.
        • Jazza found this to be clickbaity and disingenuous. 
  • It is recommended you watch the entire video for a deeper understanding, click here to view.

Jazza’s Second Video.

Jazza’s second video on ZHC took a more serious turn. In this video, ZHC is painted as being self-interested, and not caring about people he collaborated with. Additionally, the idea of a toxic work environment is painted.

Exposing ZHC – Part 2 Summary:
  • Jazza talks about how ZHC allegedly “wanted to be the sole owner and the one who benefited the most from the art alliance”.
    • “We just wanted to work together, to grow together, but now it feels like more it was about him growing,” said one of the alleged Art Alliance participants.
  • Jazza interviewed ZHC about some other collaborations, and how they were overly ambitious.
    • “For me, I thought it would be doable, which was very naive of me,” ZHC said in an interview with Jazza.
    • Many of the creators that Jazza interviewed voiced their poor experiences with proposed collaborations with ZHC.
    • Many paint ZHC to wanting only one-sided collaborations.
  • Bad Tesla giveaway: 
    • Jazza talks about a Tesla giveaway that ZHC held. This video had a three-way tie.
    • ZHC decided that the value of a tesla was $14,000, so they had to split that price into 3 ways for the winners.
    • ZHC decided on $14,000 by finding a Tesla on eBay that was at that price.
  • Overworking employees?
    • Towards the end of his video Jazza discusses the seemingly toxic environment for employees.
  • It is recommended you watch the entire video for a deeper understanding, click here to view.

Following The Release of The Videos…

Following the release of the videos, ZHC has remained relatively quiet. Though, many fans have taken the opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter. Many fans took to ZHC’s YouTube comments to leave their remarks. Some even went as far as comparing him to a ‘cult leader’.



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