Addison Rae and Omer Fedi via Instagram

Fans of Addison Rae are furious with the influencer’s boyfriend after a photo was posted on the internet. Rae and musician Omer Fedi shared an intimate moment of the couple on their social media, but her fans did not well regard the idea. The photo was a selfie (apparently taken by Fedi) in which he appeared covering Rae’s breasts while hugging her.

Addison Rae and Omer Fedi via Instagram Stories

That was enough to make a crowd of fans furious. Rae’s supporters began to buy into the idea that she was not happy about posting that photo either. A day later, on TikTok, several videos were going viral about the assumption. Most of them with conspiracies that Fedi was abusing Rae. Fans believed that Rae was forced to post such photos in some of these videos. 

The rumors continued to grow. To the point where Rae herself had to clarify a few things on Twitter:

At this point, the fans were already spreading their frustration in the comments on Fedi’s page. Thousands of messages criticized his actions. Until Rae intervened more directly, she posted a message denying all the speculations made by her fans. She also reinforced how much she loves him and said that the accusations were “disgusting.”

A screenshot of comments on Omer Fedi’s Instagram Page

Addison Rae responded to a comment on Omer Fedi’s Instagram Page.

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