Bee Family

An edited photo of Rossana Burgos and Andrés Burgo, better known as the Bee Family parents.

Family bloggers, known as the Bee Family, spoke out against a Roblox streamer following comments about their children. In their video titled “Dear Kilik… She’s Only 15”, the family voiced concerns with the Roblox streamer, who they thought was a 19-year-old at the time. In this video, the family lambasts the streamer for making pedophilic comments about their daughter.

The streamer, who goes by the name of Kilik, was playing with Mr. Bee (one of the Family’s children) when the situation unfolded. Following the pair’s game of Roblox, the streamer proceeded to get upset at the boy. On stream, Kilik began to voice disgusting comments about Mr. Bee, his sister, and his mother. “You’re sister, Gabriella Bee, is still getting pounded, like balls deep”, the streamer said before going on a multi-minute rant.  Additionally, At one point during the stream, Kilik tried to find the 15-year-old girl’s Instagram.

Bee Family Reacts to Kilik trying to find their Daughter’s Instagram:

Bee Family Reacts to Kilik making suggestive comments about daughter:

Bee Family Roast Kilik:


Kilik Apologies:

Following the family’s video, Kilik apologized to the family. In this video, he clarifies that he was 17 years old, but he also takes accountability for his poor actions. Furthermore, he also clarifies that he was unaware of the girl’s age.

In his apology video, he explains his poor behavior. According to him, Mr. Bee and about 8 friends ‘hate raided’ the streamer, which provoked the streamer’s poor behavior. Additionally, YouTube stepped in striking the streamer twice for child endangerment.


Update(12/30/22 @ 2:17 PM EST):

Kilik has released a follow-up video to his apology. In this video, Kilik calls out the Bee family for hypocrisy. In the description of this video, he also shared his account of the situation:


Update(12/31/22 @ 12:19 AM EST): 

The Bee family has responded to Kilik’s recent video & live streams. In this video, the 15-year-old daughter shares her thoughts on the matter, as well as the Bee Family’s son. Additionally, in this video, we learned that the Bee family is seeking legal counsel regarding this matter. Furthermore, according to the son, Kilik was the one who initiated the situation. For now, Kilik has yet to respond to this video.

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