Bryce Hall Stromedy

Bryce Hall vs Stromedy

Bryce Hall and Stromedy have been at each others throats for almost a year. The beef began with Stromedy mocking Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder in one of his TikTok diss tracks, which then escalated to a physical confrontation at a restaurant in LA. After continuous back and forth online, the two agreed to a spar:

Following the spar, with both parties claiming victory, Stromedy requested that the fight continued outside.

Since then, the two have remained on bad terms. Stromedy has actively been trying to get Bryce to fight him again, claiming their first fight was “pretty embarrassing”, offering him $100k to step back in the ring. Bryce did not respond to these recent call-outs.

Bryce Hall & Stromedy Make Peace

On Thursday, Bryce Hall and Stromedy met up to squash their beef. Stromedy had a unique peace offering for Bryce — he paid $5,000 for his Tesla to be smashed by the Tiktoker:


The meet-up between the two left fans in awe. One user said “never in my life I thought I would see Stromedy & Bryce together”. It wasn’t just the fans that were surprised by Bryce’s willingness to accept Stromedy’s offering; Stromedy tells #DramaAlert “I was so surprised at first” when asked if the beef had been squashed.

It seems that this stunt will be for an upcoming video for Stromedy’s YouTube channel.


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