Deji's Coach Daley Shared His Opinion On KSI

Daley Shared His Opinion

Back on April 10th, 2022, Deji’s coach Daley sat down for an interview with Fred Talks Fighting. During the interview, Daley explains his own personal perspective on the influencer boxing sphere. Towards the end of his interview, the coach shared some words for Deji’s brother KSI. At the time, KSI’s fans were not happy with what he said, as some thought he was disrespecting the YouTuber.

“Believe it or not, KSI has a lot to learn […] and he just needs someone to develop it to the next level you know”

-Daley, speaking on KSI.

When asked about how KSI’s pad-work compared to Deji’s or Kenny’s, Daley stated: “Well, what I like about KSI is that he knows what he wants. You know, and he doesn’t mess around when he comes in a gym, it’s all about working hard”.

Additionally, he said that he believe KSI has the fundamentals of boxing locked down and the heart for the sport, but still needs someone to take him to the next level.

Daley Responds To KSI’s Fans:

Following this interview, Daley took to Instagram to clarify his message, as many fans were trying to say KSI was disrespected by the coach. On Instagram, Daley shared the following posts:

As of now KSI has yet to reply to Daley or his fans.