Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Offers Logan Paul a Rematch

Following the news of Logan Paul accepting a fight with Brazilian creator Whindersson Nunes, another fight with Floyd Mayweather may be on the table for Paul:

It comes as a surprise that Mayweather is seeking a second fight, he allegedly hasn’t paid Logan for their first:

“The dirty little rat hasn’t paid me yet lol. It’s been 6 months.” – Logan Paul via Twitter



In a Maverick Club video, Logan states that Floyd Mayweather has offered him a second fight in Dubai in February on top of the Burj al Arab. After allegedly not being compensated last June, Logan wasn’t too thrilled to receive the proposal:

“I told him to f*ck himself. First off you gotta pay me the rest of the money that you owe me. Second, go f*ck yourself.” – Logan Paul on fighting Mayweather for a second time via The Maverick Club

After rejecting Floyd’s offer, it seems Logan is fully prepared to face-off against Nunes in a battle of the USA vs Brazil.


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