Back on February 12th, YouTuber UFD Tech posted a video where he share his experience with the online retailer Newegg. In this video titled “Newegg Tried To Bribe Me To Not Make This Video”, UFD Tech drop some explosive allegations towards the retailer, accusing them of not paying the YouTuber for a sponsored video due to legal restrictions, and also not following through with their alleged obligations for a charity stream in a timely manner.

In this video, UFD Tech voiced his frustrations with the retailer, as after making 2 videos for Newegg’s affiliate marketing program as the company could not allegedly pay him due to legal restrictions. “We are in December, I signed a contract with them giving them my address back in July”… “I gave them my w-9 form with my address back in September, they had multiple opportunities to tell me”, he shared in his video while explaining how Newegg had many months to inform him of the legal situation prior to him making his videos. As shared by UFD Tech, eventually Newegg made an attempt to pay him a flat rate, though they could not pay him affiliate-link revenue due to legal restrictions.

Furthermore, for UFD Tech and Newegg’s arraignment, Newegg provided computer parts that UFD Tech had to return once his videos were finished. According to UFD Tech, Newegg allegedly claimed to have never received the parts after UFD Tech returned them. “I don’t know how that is possible considering that I sent them back and [Newegg has them]. I have the tracking numbers to prove that I sent back five packages”, UFD Tech shared in his video. Eventually, due to alleged mismanagement by Newegg, UFD Tech decided he could no longer be bothered by Newegg over the situation.

UFD Tech also shared in his video a situation where Newegg’s alleged incompetence resulted in them failing to follow through with providing the prize for a charity stream in a timely manner. Eventually, according to UFD Tech, Newegg made an effort to correct their mistake, however, their effort was made months after the whole ordeal had taken place. The situation was so mismanaged that UFD Tech allegedly had to offer his own computer parts as a prize to the prize winner since Newegg was failing to do so. “3 months after the charity stream they are now telling me that they are investigating”, said UFD Tech while venting about the situation.

In his video, UFD Tech also owns up to his own wrongdoings in the situations, where he admits that he could have been more timely in making videos for Newegg, as he initially was not punctual in doing so. However, UFD Tech shared how despite his own mistakes, Newegg’s issues were greater than his doings.

“It hints to me that this is a company who will only provide me headaches down the line if something goes wrong”

– UFD Tech

On February 15th, UFD Tech posted a follow-up video, where he shares Newegg’s response to the situation. In this video, UFD Tech shared that he wanted Newegg to donate the money he was owed to the charity that Newegg was originally supposed to sponsor. However, according to UFD Tech, they refused and could only send the money directly to UFD Tech because allegedly “bonuses are not interchangeable to charitable donations”.

In this second video, UDF Tech also blasts Newegg for not owning the responsibility for the situation. He also shared Newegg’s behaviors behind the scenes and how circumstantially odd some things were. “That seems really strange for a multi-billion dollar organization to not have more than a 10-month record of things that involve legal contracts.”, UFD Tech shared in his video.

“Instead of apologizing, instead of asking questions to get to the bottom of the situation, instead of trying to talk to me as if we were trying to understand what was going on, he offered me three times what he owed me, and then blamed somebody else.”

–  UFD Tech, Speaking out against a Newegg employee.


2/22/22 @ 3:44 PM EST: YouTuber Gamer Nexus sat down with Newegg executives to discuss the recent drama regarding the company. Last week, Gamer Nexus posted his own series of videos explaining his own problem with Newegg, after the company claimed he returned broken products, even though Gamer Nexus explains he never opened the product. Many in the community also voiced their own similar experiences with the company, sparking heavy criticism of the company.

In a new video titled “Confronting Newegg Face-to-Face”, the YouTuber shared his meeting with the company. In this meeting, the group discusses Newegg’s policies, customer experience, and product returns. During this meeting, Newegg executives voiced themselves and what they can do better as a company. In the comments of this video, many fans took the opportunity to voice their opinions on the meeting.

“The interactions between more experienced and younger members of the Newegg team was interesting. Two of the execs wanted the final word, but both had very different approaches and wanted to handle things differently (“follow up with me…” “no, follow up with me”). The returns guy was more direct, but the customer service hotshot kept trying to have the last word even though he was somewhat implicated in the larger issues (since CS makes the final RMA decisions). And the rapid exec turnover at the company suggests a deeper issue with the internal company culture (or lack of the consistent, customer- first culture that used to be the case). These people seem as if they had never met before…”

  • Robo Landon, a YouTube viewer who commented on the video.


In the wake of Newegg’s controversy, the company has been quick to implement changes following stark criticism. On Saturday, the company took to Twitter to share updates to their return policy.

Although these changes seem to be in good faith, many in the community are still taking the opportunity to shame the company, as many feel Newegg’s newfound behavior is only the result of being shamed by social media users.


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