Photo of Pokimane via Instagram

Popular streamer Pokimane had a rough time last night. According to posts she made on her Instagram stories, she had to run from two men harassing her in a parking lot. Pokimane revealed that she was alone when the men started shouting provocative things at her. 

Pokimane via Instagram Stories

They started by saying harmless things like “happy valentines day to you,” Pokimane responded by saying, “uhh, you too.” But then she began to suspect their behavior when they started singing things like “you could be the milk to my cereal with that skirt.”

Pokimane via Instagram Stories

Additionally, Pokimane said she became a track star when they yelled, “I wanna see what’s under that skirt, show me what’s under that skirt.” Also, in the same Instagram post, Pokimane warned her followers not to be that kind of guy. Finally, Pokimane thanked the messages of support she received from fans and clarified that she was sharing what happened to spread some awareness.

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