Artesian Builds

The logo of Artesian Builds, next to the CEO.

A Sudden End:

On March 9th, the PC company known as Artesian Builds took to Twitter to announce they have suspended all their activities. For many, this is looking like the end for the company. On Twitter, the computer company stated: “We are sad to announce that, effective now, we are freezing/suspending all activities.” The company’s statement comes following a month-long backlash. Many in the community have taken the liberty to dub the company’s actions as the biggest PR nightmare of the year.

How did we get here?

Back on March 1st, Twitch streamer Kiapiaa took to Twitter voicing her frustrations with the PC building company after the company denied giving her a PC she won in a raffle. This was because the company decidedly changed the raffle’s rules after picking the winner. Kiapiaa shared on Twitter that she felt the company was being ‘condescending’ — as the CEO pointed out her low social followings. On Twitter, she voiced that she felt that she rightfully earned the PC, despite the company deciding otherwise.

Kiapiaa’s allegations shined an enormous spotlight onto the company, with many in the community speaking out in her defense. Many YouTubers and brands, such as JayzTwoCent and Meta PCs took to Twitter offering the small streamer free PCs in lieu of Artestian Build. The whole situation snowballed after many in the community felt the company failed to properly respond to the situation. Artesian Build’s originally issued an apology via Twitter; however, the apology has since been deleted.

Tax Evasions:

The situation regarding the company took a turn for the worst following allegations of tax evasion. On March 2nd, YouTuber Onepeg took to YouTube to share such allegations. In this video, Onepeg claims that the company was suspended in California by the state’s franchise tax board.

Employee Starving Allegations:

YouTuber & Streamer Kristofer Yee also voiced concerns about the company. On a Twitch stream, Yee voiced allegations that one of the employees was left “medically starving” due to the company being difficult with payments. Yee also voiced allegations that the company was allegedly under-clocking (also known as lowering a PC’s performance) in order to combat overheating issues.  Furthermore, Yee also shared concerns over allegations that the employees of the company were scared of the backlash’s impact on their own personal careers.


What Is Next For The Company?

At the moment, the company’s plans are not entirely clear.  However, what is clear is that the company internally is suffering greatly. On Twitter today, the company made clear that they are “open to assistance/investment”; however, as of now, there seems to be not a lot of interest for this company.


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