Screenshot from Billie Eilish YoutTube Channel

Billie Eilish is being criticized after launching a “make the merch” contest. The contest was to have fans draw their art for the singer’s merch. Some prizes were to be offered, including cash prizes. However, some people were not happy with the rules stipulated in the contest.

After Eilish posted a tweet announcing the contest fans reacted negatively. This is because one of the rules allegedly stated that people must give up the rights to their artwork to participate. This made people furious. Many claimed that Eilish was trying to get people to work for free. Others said she should hire someone to do the job and not do it through a contest.

“Each entrant hereby grants to Sponsor, Billie Eilish, and their affiliated companies and designated agents a non-exclusive, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, unconditional, fully paid license and right to post and to make, have made, use, copy, reproduce, modify, and create derivative works of any materials provided by the entrant with the entrant’s Entry or otherwise through the Contest (“Contest Materials”), (b) to publicly perform or display, import, broadcast or transmit, distribute (directly and indirectly) license, offer to sell and sell, rent, lease, or lend copies of the materials (and derivative works thereof) and use for any lawful purposes, including for purposes of advertising and trade, and (c) to sublicense to third parties the foregoing rights, including the right to sublicense to further third parties.”  – The offical rules stated.

Despite all the controversy, the contest is still going on, but Billie Eilish has yet to respond on the matter. If you’re looking for more news click here.