KSI Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal To Atlantic Record

On Monday, May 30th, 2022, a source close to KSI revealed to #DramaAlert that the YouTuber-turned-Rapper has signed to Atlantic Records for “tens of millions”. Additionally, as part of this deal, the source confirmed to #DramaAlert that the UK YouTuber will also retain his masters.

Future of KSI’s Music:

Though not much is known about KSI’s next musical plans, the artist’s career is just taking off. With a deal through Atlantic, we could possibly see KSI collaborating with other top artists under Atlantic’s roster, such as Jack Harlow, Cardi B, Gucci Mane, etc. For now, though, fans will have to continue speculating, as KSI has yet to make an official statement on both the deal and his future plans for music.