Did Ricegum Just Return? Ricegum used to be the king of social media before he took an unexpected leave. Following some recent social media activity, some of his fans are hopeful for a full return. Ricegum finally broke his 2 year Instagram silence today. He last posted in 2020.

Rumors of Ricegum’s return began over the holidays. Back on Christmas, RiceGum shared to his audience via Instagram that he was doing well, and that he misses them. He also mentioned that he plans to “link soon” with them.

Ricegum teasing return

Ricegum, from his alt-Instagram, reconnects with his fans on Christmas.


Earlier today, Ricegum posted to his main Instagram for the first time in 2 years. This got many fans excited. In his Instagram post, he shared photographs of himself and his girlfriend. First, he posted to his Instagram Story, where he mentioned that he was going to “post soon” but laziness was preventing him. Then he followed up by posting to his Instagram feed.

Ricegum sharing to his Instagram story. Hinting at returning.



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Many influencers were shocked to see the former YouTuber return to Instagram. Some were even cracking jokes about his abrupt disappearance:

Influencers reacted in the comments under Ricegum’s surprise post.

Many fans are taking this as an opportunity to encourage the former YouTuber to unretire and to create videos again. Overall, Ricegum’s return to Instagram has been well received. Looking for more to read, click here!