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Logan Paul, MrBeast, and Casey Neistat were set to make an Antarctica vacation before a Covid outbreak hit the small population. They decided to reroute their trip to South Africa, where Logan revealed that MrBeast had a traumatic hospital experience:


“Poor Jimmy, ended up getting sick and spending 3 days in a rural South African hospital where they didn’t speak a lick of English, by himself. Got tonsillitis, can’t believe it.”

-Logan Paul on MrBeast’s South African hospital ordeal via Impaulsive

South Africa

Aerial view of the city of Cape Town, South Africa

MrBeast suffered from tonsillitis and was observed only for a few minutes each day. The hospital was staffed with just a single doctor who did not speak English.

Despite MrBeast’s hospitalization, he paid for the entire vacation. Logan says “It turned out to be the best vacation of my life” as he explains the situation on his podcast.

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