Mr. Beast’s best friend Chris Tyson had a deer-related car accident last night, though he seems unharmed. Late last night Tyson took to Twitter to share a video of his poo-covered car. Tyson had just hit a deer while driving. “A deer just yeeted itself into my car, and when it did it literally sprayed poop all over the side of my car”,  he said on Twitter after having his car damaged by the deer.

Additionally, Tyson from his alt-Twitter account let his fans know that the damage was not that bad and that it “could have been way worse”.  He also shared some dashcam footage.

The number of fatal deer-related crashes has more the doubled over the last 15 years, but luckily for Tyson, he’s safe and his car isn’t completely totaled.


Tyson is not the only one from the Mr. Beast team to be hit with bad luck recently, Mr. Beast himself actually had some of his own bad luck. For information on that click here.