Noah Beck signs to the CAA

A recent picture of Noah Beck and his dog.

According to a recent report by Variety, TikTok superstar and boyfriend to Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, has signed to the Creative Artists Agency, more commonly known as the CAA. 
For any artist, this is a major milestone in one’s career, as the CAA represents some of Hollywood’s largest talent. Originally a soccer player for the University of Portland. During the pandemic, Beck started to make content on his new TikTok account and instantly went viral. This shocking growth then translated to all of his other social media, allowing him to reach a combined following of over 45 million across all socials.

A recent professional picture of Noah Beck.

Beck isn’t simply just a TikToker. He has been able to take his creativity to even higher mediums. As an actor, Beck was able to work with Nickelodeon to make his debut on ‘ Side Hustle.’ Along with acting, Beck has taken on entrepreneurial endeavors as well. He has partnered along with close friends Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson to operate a venture capital firm known as ‘Animal Capital’
The fashion world has also opened its arms for Beck. He’s had opportunities to be reviewing Louis Vuitton for Vogue, has been shot for the cover of VMAN, and has been able to work on his own project with Ami. Beck’s progress in every industry shows no sign of stopping any time soon.