Yesterday, Destiny Streamer Gsxrclyde. (also known as Clyde) came under fire after a clip of him forcefully shoving his dog made its way to Twitter. The clip which originated from one of his YouTube videos titled “Best of Clyde 2021” shows the streamer very forcefully pushing his dog by the neck. However, despite what the clip shows, further research shows that Clyde may not be that bad of a pet owner.

Clyde addressed the situation on his stream following the backlash he received. “it’s my fault, I didn’t look at the video” he shared while going in-depth about his opinion on the matter.

Click here to view Clyde’s full statement on the situtation.

Community Reactions:

Some people from the Twitch community are comparing his incident to fellow streamer Alinity’s. Alinity was accused of animal abuse back in 2019 following a clip of her tossing her cat surfaced on social media.

Though, not everyone in the community is rallying against Clyde. Some fans came to his defense, letting the broader Twitch community know how good of an owner he actually is.

Is Clyde really abusive to his dog?

Despite the one rather shocking clip, Clyde has various clip posted across his YouTube showing he has a great relationship with his dog. In one video, his dog can be concerned over his dogs health, and in another you can see him giving him lots of love and affection.

Given the fact that there are tons of positive and wholesome clips with Clyde and his dog, the alleged abuse clip may just be accidental.